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Active Learning With Technology


This wiki was created by Deirdre Bonnycastle, University of Saskatchewan.



Active Learning is an approach to learner-centered education that utilizes instructional techniques that involve students in reading, writing, discussing, reflecting and creating in order to help them learn.



Even when, to both teachers and students, lecturing appears to be working, (students intently listening, nodding heads, taking notes), what’s going on in the minds of students probably looks a lot like what’d be going on on the boat full of my friends – distraction, lack of interest, and only a vague recollection of what was said. Even though it can appear that lecture-based, PowerPoint-driven learning is effective, it rarely is, and is almost never as effective a use of time as the learning-by-doing approach that could be done in its stead.

- Roger Shank http://www.socraticarts.com/schank/newsletters/news08.htm



Examples of Active Learning in Education


K-6 Examples


Everyone should take a look at least some of these videos because this is our future.


Middle School


High School


College or University


English as a Second Language


I found very few examples, but there are some interesting videos of Active Listening.


Professional Development



Videos about Active Learning Theory







Images of Active Learning






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